The mouth of the river will become the river

In transport to Scotland this Summer – Trying to avoid sitting next to anyone. Here are my proposed methods:

Technique 1: place 8 cans of Tennent’s Super on the seat next to me.

Technique 2: wink at everyone who comes past and pat the seat next to me.

Back home now, in the land of waving palms.

The places up there though… Unbelievable. People go around the world, without first experiencing this… The vast crags either side of the firth, called the Shoemakers, after their resemblance to two people kneeling and heeling, with an upright wind turbine floating out to sea on its transport barge, avoiding towering decommissioned oil rigs, and a slick of bobbing seals, buzzed by osprey and locked against turning.

The mouth of the river will become the river; if nothing else, the wind has chiselled that into the rock.

I visited a utopian community, one that I head about through a lecture, called Findhorn, and I have had my cynicism and doubt peeled away this weekend. I met the most friendly and accepting people, whom it is so easy to be around. Anything was permitted, and respected (except for Tesco) unlike a dinner party I was at in London the other day, where every other sentence or action was a calamitous faux pas.

So I like the place. I sometimes feel the urge to stand in a place where I can see something with my naked eye which would take me several days walking to reach. I don’t know why, like, I just do.

My tender reverie and newfound serenity were shattered on the coach down though – seats reclined into my knees, people snoring like an outboard motor by my head… I jammed my knees into the back of the newly-reclined seat in front of me, show my displeasure, but it just hurt me more than it hurt him, physically, as well as all that anger, so I let go and accepted it, got comfortable and tuned out the snore, and slept and travelled.

Maybe I did learn something from my visit. And I didn’t even need to go to Thailand with Sta Travel to find this all out.

So when people did eventually sit next to me (never the ones I wanted) I said hello and had quite a pleasant time. Nae winks or Purple Tin required.


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