Should flashing be illegal?

Hyper-righteous exhibitionism for those with an inflated sense of self-importance, cut through with borrowed nostalgia for the un-lived seventies and un-remembered eighties, the social media-driven and commerce-hijacked phenomena of the “flash mob” works under the self-congratulatory and self-perpetuating gaze of mobile phone cameras, feeding the very networks that promote and distribute this itinerant and irrelevant “content,” as they would call it, devoid of the political or counter-cultural elements and fluxus transience of the sixties “happenings,” instead becoming permanently-redistributed free advertisements for “information businesses” taking place in meccas of providence, with their written permission, direction and blessing, well aware that the brief glimpse of fame afforded to its empty participants will send them into a compliant surge of aspirational purchases, recording their quickly-diminshing rush on jerky hand held six megapixel devices.
We’d better buy a Samsung Galaxy SII eight megapixel phone for the next one!

This flash was brought to you by T- Mobile G.m.b.h.


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