I just get out of the bath, steamiong,

I just get out of the bath, steamiong, stand and piss, head reeling from the heat and gravity, I felt my pulsing veins in my arms under the foam, heard it cracking in my ears like electricity, like my head is fuckin expandinhg and floating off, and I like it. My lungs, no, its my heart, sounds like a choo choo train pummeling up a hill, it feels clean and I imagine my blodd vessels.

Whew. What got me thinking about her? She was on the coach. I saw her at Victoria. The drivger asked if there was anyone with childredn.

“I’m a child”

He disdnt hear

“I’m a child. Im onb my own”
“How old are you? If yore under 13 you cant travel”
“I’m 14”

“then you are not a child in our book”

“who’s priority?2

“I am,” I nervously and quietly pronounce, a little ashamed of getting to push in front of an old black lady.


I get kicked out of the seats with all the leg room, as apparently a disabled person was on. He was

just old. I head to the back, and



 ruse to keep my shoes –

prentend the knot not


low carbon renewable


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