Twenty Commandments

One If in a while you are still here, sit on a stool

Two When you can, go

Three Utopian ideas of opportunity in upper floor rooms

Four Times garden is verdant

Five What’s new pussycat?

Six Venn diagrams split the difference

Seven Madeline McCann and the recoding unbound

Eight Egg is a club, graffiti is not

Nine Quality meat for sale

Ten Sometimes, ski slopes are not real

Eleven Boardwalk usual, under bridge booze y’all

Twelve Nancy, Nancy, nice and fancy

Thirteen Goatherd lonely, take Prozac

Fourteen David’s confluence over a half

Fifteen Nomads flight over Edale slopes

Sixteen Sidewalk sliders in grey streets, comment

Seventeen Hades is a holiday destination

Eighteen Yachtsman held overnight in cell

Nineteen Oulipo Compendium is pretentious trash

Twenty Suburb drink up for compressor pick up 


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